R. Michael Brown is an internationally published writer, producer, brand journalist, speaker, and digital marketing and PR consultant at Brown Ltd.  He has worked on projects for many industries but his primary focus is on health care, technology, science, non-profits, real estate, and public policy.


Mike is the publisher of the marketing and public relations blog:

Marketing Works Today

He is the recipient of a 1989 New York Film Festival Award and cover stories on PC Magazine, New Media Magazine, and others – plus exposure on ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today Show – for an IBM multimedia production he produced to show what the Web would be like when it went “live” in 1995.

His productions have been shown to the Premier of China, Craig McCaw to invest in and launch Nextel, enterprise and government leaders around the world, the Board of Directors at Motorola, and the Vatican.

His team was honored with the International President’s Award from the World Wildlife Fund for a Motorola campaign to “Save the Planet” that appeared on Discovery Channel.  The campaign was produced in the rainforest in Brazil, the Florida Keys, and the Galapagos Islands.

Mike has hands-on experience in multiple industries, writing and producing as a freelancer and leading in-house and external teams to launch and build brands and increase positive press, traffic, leads, prospects, and sales; using traditional and emerging sales, marketing, and public relations methods and technologies.

See more at: About.me/RMichaelBrown

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